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One-Stop Legal Solution Provider

Zenmo Law is the leading platform to provide one-stop U.S. legal solutions. Immersing in the American legal industry, Zenmo refines a streamlined and vertical legal service ecosystem: The Law Consultant Team provides  complimentary 24/7 legal consultation for individuals and enterprises; the In  house Attorney Team offers  standardized and  transparent legal services; Zenmo Exclusive Lawyers Network implements technology and empowers clients to make real-time attorney appointments. With headquarters in the heart of America, the Lawyers Network spreading all over the States, and a vision expanding to the globe, Zenmo is always ready with all legal demands.

Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 call center and consulting team provide one-stop free legal consulting services

Breaking U.S. Legal Barriers

Having a nationwide lawyer network system and self-employed lawyer team

Our Expertise



David Rosenbloom

Served as tax policy advisor of U.S. Treasury Department,
The Word Bank in Eastern Europe, the OECD, AID
40+ years in International taxation and Tax Litigation,
Author of numerous articles on international tax issues.

“I was pleased to learn about Zenmo and to meet virtually with its enthusiastic team. Its mission of promoting equality under U.S. law is admirable and its concept of providing assistance to Chinese students in the United States facing legal adversity appears to fulfill an unmet need.”


George Benaroya

Global Financial Executive who managed operations at P&G, Tetra Pak, Nivea 
Executive positions include Vice President Finance, Global Controller & CFO
Chief Strategy Officer for businesses in over 180 countries A well-recognized strategist in the industry

“The critical question is: Will the lawyer add value or destroy value? I’ve worked with external and in-house lawyers throughout my career. Some were good at litigation, others at making a phone call to get a problem solved. Zenmo streamlines processes to find the best attorney for a client, be it for an E2 Visa, immigration, tenant, or other legal matters. Zenmo also reduces marketing and administrative costs for a law firm. Their well-designed processes enable Zenmo to do extensive Pro-Bono work to help those most in need.” 


Warren J. Dodge

New York University Adjunct Professor
Senior Partner at Accenture, Leader in Talent Management Practice Consultant Manager at PepsiCo,
Executive Director at ETS

“I am very impressed with the work done by the Zenmo Law team. They are passionate about their vision and mission and are on their way to creating a much needed solution.”

Our Attorney Team

Get access to our professional attorney team who have an average of more than 25 years of experience. The average AVVO rating exceeds 9.7/10. We are happy to help with any legal issue you may have.